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When a patient wants more aggressive skin renewal, the Icon laser, the choice of Dr. Mirela Mircea and Dr. Vivian Lugo-Eschenwald of Family Medicine Associates of Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia, has the versatility to perform laser exfoliation. This treats a wide range of skin flaws with only minor recovery time. Call FMAA today to find out which laser skin treatment options are best for you.

Skin Revitalization Q & A

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How does an ablative skin renewal work?

Ablative treatments with the Icon laser use the 2940 fractional laser handpiece. This provides all the benefits of a non-ablative treatment. Collagen and elastin in the deep skin layers warm to the coagulation point, at which time the body sends the signal to start new production of these support tissues. The older tissue is flushed from the body as new growth starts. Called a selective inflammatory response, this reduces signs of aging such as wrinkles around the eyes, crow’s feet, wrinkles around the mouth, smoker’s lines, and other small lines and wrinkles of the face. It works equally well on other body parts too, such as the upper chest, hands, and arms.

Ablative skin renewal adds surface treatment to the subdermal laser work. This speeds exfoliation by stripping the outer layer of skin using laser light. Think of it as a controlled sunburn, but without all the harmful ultraviolet rays the sun delivers.

Is this process painful?

The treatment itself presents sensations that some may find mildly uncomfortable. After treatment, pain is on par with that of a minor sunburn. There will be redness and minor swelling, and skin begins to peel and flake within a few days as new skin forms to repair the exfoliated layers. Different skin colors and types affect response to treatment, and the treatment itself may vary, depending on the desired outcome of the skin renewal.

How many treatments will I need?

The medical professionals at FMAA determine the best course of treatment based on the patient and their cosmetic goals. Ablative treatments with the 2940 fractional laser handpiece are a one-time process, but follow-up sessions using a non-ablative handpiece may extend the benefits of ablative skin renewal. Laser treatments may be part of a plan that uses other skin renewal methods, too.

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