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Laser skin care provides terrific results for patients starting to show the effects of aging. Contact Dr. Mirela Mircea and Dr. Vivian Lugo-Eschenwald of Family Medicine Associates of Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia for a session improves the appearance of many minor skin flaws. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Laser Skin Care Q & A

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What does laser skin care encompass? What results can I expect?

Using the CynoSure Icon aesthetic system with the 1540 fractional laser handpiece, non-ablative laser revitalization improves the appearance of many minor skin flaws.

As the body ages, skin loses elasticity and doesn’t rebound or renew with the same efficiency as when we were younger. Yet, the body retains the ability to repair what it perceives as “damage.” Without some sort of signal that these repairs are required, the regular aging process continues.

When it comes to the skin, collagen in its deep layers provides volume and support. It diminishes with age, and the outer skin loses its base. This is normal, so the body doesn’t interfere. Laser treatment uses light to warm the deeper skin layers without affecting the surface. This causes the collagen layer to coagulate. The body perceives this as damage and sends the signals to form new tissue. Existing collagen eliminates from the body as new collagen takes over. Since the new growth hasn’t yet been affected by lines and wrinkles on the skin, it smooths these out, reducing the visual effects of aging.

Does a non-ablative laser treatment do anything else?

Yes. A non-ablative facial encourages natural exfoliation, which also helps provide more youthful looking skin. Minor skin discolorations may also fade with treatments. The 1540 fractional laser handpiece has several intended uses. As well as non-ablative resurfacing, it may be used to fade surgical scars, acne pock marks, and stretch marks.

How much downtime does a non-ablative treatment have?

Little to no downtime results from an Icon non-ablative skin resurfacing. There’s no harsh treatment of the outer skin layers. The intended region of treatment is below the skin. If a patient has a reaction to the treatment at all, it’s typically minor redness and swelling that dissipates in a day or two.


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